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What's New on version 2.2.93



  • Jennifer Finto

    What's up with the gems? What are they used for?

  • Graci Medeiros

    Melhorias visuais nao ficou legal. Deixem os ícones como atalhos na tela do jogo

  • Marcy'sChiTown

    Why doesn’t someone update this with the newest versions of the game? Shouldn’t this be updated with each new update? Where else can we go to find out what changes are made to the game? I’ve asked an important question in a support ticket with no response and I can’t find a place here to get info. My question: have you changed the rule that players need to be in a club before the start of a new tournament in order to contribute points? It seems you have reverothst rule so that now anyone new can contribute which would go back to the days of unfair cheating with people bringing in endless amount of alternate accounts to rack up points. Is this true? Please confirm. Thank you. 


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