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What's New on Version 2.1.65



  • lindam.toma

    On the current version as of today March 20,2021 The Easter Egg calculator has not added up my coins and I cooked more than enough foods. Please fix the game quick Thank You.

  • saboressurtidos

    Honestly I prefer cooking dishes To gain points rather than collecting coupons—-that isn’t going to amount to winning much in the set—-just a personal opinion but I get it if they wanted to try something different.

  • Jennie

    I am very dissatisfied.  I have been playing this gameSince it first started out on Facebook, and I have invested a lot of money to get where I am (level 121) as well as a lot of my time.  I cooked about 20 dishes with no easter egg count tallied.  It has been stuck at 10 for two or three days now.  Also, the count is a rip-off.  Now we only need 250 to get a "prize" but the numbers/bonus you are credited for is almost nothing.  Also, we can't even choose our prize like we could before.  Most of the time I get something I can't even use and I don't want.  One more thing...there have been no ads to watch in Movieland or whatever it is called for four days now. Oh yeah, how can our rating be 5 stars one day, you buy more chairs, tables, decorations, fun stuff and premium stuff as you suggest we do and the rating does not increase?  I refuse to spend any more money on the game until it gets back to how it used to be and the game is working.  I also am trying very hard NOT to delete this game.  I haven't quite made up my mind yet.  If I do delete it, I will be sure to let you know.  This chef is very angry and disgusted and I am not one that usually complains but this is just too much.  Am I'm the only one upset about these things?  By the way, I DO expect a reply on this.  My cafe is currently named "Yummy Buffet"' my name is Jennie Sherban and my email address is  

  • Jennie

    Ok.  It's me again.  In order to be fair and in defense of the game, I just brought  about 5 of the more expensive celebrities into my game and received 20 Easter eggs, which tallied in my total, and one nice food dish.  I don't think the tally on the Easter eggs is broken.  They have just made it harder to find the eggs.  Naturally, we have to discover for ourselves where to find the eggs.  Hope this helps somebody.  You say to click the button on the game to reach the help desk.  May I ask where this button is located?  Thank you.  Jennie Sherban, "Yummy Cafe". By the way, I am playing on a brand new 13 inch iPad Pro so none of my problems are device related.

  • Gabrielle

    I can't even get into my game this evening it keeps closing. I turned in a report.


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