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The Ultimate Guide to Using Multiple Accounts



  • Ezralyyn

    Only work with facebook acc? How about google acc? I connect my cafe with fb and google. Does this means i have only 1 cafe since i used both fb and google acc to link to my cafe.

  • It's G

    Hi I also use google for my 2nd account for ease in identifying what account I want to switch to. I use facebook for my main account and google for the 2nd one.

  • Bambi Bunny

    Cual es el botón interruptor??

  • Johnetta

    I lost my cafe this morning ,is there any way to retrieve it back ? I have sent to gameo concerning this matter ? I’m still waiting for a response to my request.

  • DavidCook

    How do you delete a game if you have it on two devices?

  • Kevelyn Ferreira

    Como recupero meu café de volta? Aqui fala que foi excluído permanentemente do meu dispositivo mas não consigo acessar em outro lugar, HELP!!!

  • Gina Clark

    So I followed all the instructions to have two games but my phone and tablet are both showing the same game. It tells me choose carefully because once you do the other will be deleted. I don’t want it deleted I just want to switch. Will it delete one of them?

  • Elvy Jamito

    I accidentaly switch my acc which is the name of acc is moön to my brother acc by any chance can i still retrieve it. I want it to save to my facebook acc but there is already acc which my brother acc.
    Can I still switch my acc the name of my acc is moon to my facebook then my brother acc switch to his facebook acc can i do that ? Please can you help 🙏


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