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New Feature: Merge Mini-Game!



  • tuba öztekin

    not updating refresh refresh iphone 6

  • KellyCothren

    There is a bug with the game.If you have full board and nothing left to merge,you're just stuck and can no longer play or claim prizes.The customers are only asking for things I haven't merged into yet and no longer have the space on the board to get anymore items from the basket to merge anything else.
    It was a fun mini game until that happened.I guess it doesn't matter much since the decorations are the same for the last 3 years but it will horrible for newer players.

  • Rachel Swanson

    New mini game is stupid

  • Aafreen Khan

    There is a bug in the mini merge event. As you enter the mini merge it starts showing the demo of the game to click on the basket and after that nothing is getting click except the strawberry. Only the strawberry is moving and and the information box of strawberry is opening nothing else is working, nor the delete button neither the basket.

  • Margarita Benavides

    Hay un error en el minijuego, puedo reclamar hasta el jugo de fresa que da 400 puntos, si lo envío sale un aviso de error, si salgo del juego no me acumula los 100 puntos de llenar el tablero, tengo que tener cafeland abierto para que me acumule y solo puedo enviar platos desde que no toque el jugo de fresa, acumule puntos enviando el plato hasta que me di cuenta que era error, espero que lo arreglen rápido.

  • Kellen Ribeiro2009

    Meu mini jogo está sumindo tudo e dá erro toda hora preparo tudo e ele some

  • Mizu :'v

    El minijuego no me funciona,no carga pésima actualización

  • katie kuehl

    I can merge the desserts but i can't merge the drinks and collect on them after double tapping.

  • Samantha

    Is it possible to make it easier to get rainbow cakes (maybe 10 or 15 drinks) the way it is you can only get one MAYBE two (if you’re really on top of it) a day and during the tournament helping hand is always needed for rainbow cakes which is difficult when you also run out of welcome cakes or have a 3 hour item to make.

  • Saba Tarannum

    The icon of merge game is not visible 

  • Piera Carla Conti

    Secondo me e le mie due sorelle, abbiamo creato il club Sisters club, e' un minigioco coinvolgente e interessante, però oggi è sparita l'icona del gioco… Peccato ,non e' possibile lasciarlo fisso? Grazie


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