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Bad update 2.1.37



  • Farhana ferdous

    Really a bad update this is ....I am so annoying. ..I can't play this tournament. ..helping hand can't be cancelled. .how ridiculous

  • Gabrielle

    You have to update so others can visit you. And the cost to return truck went up as well. Several team members are upset because they can't get the help they need for filling requests to assist team mates they need to fix these issues or do away with helping hands part of the challenges. 

  • heather

    Ive already seen people leave the game and had others announce that they are leaving at least temporarily after the tournament ends. All because of these stupid changes. The helping hands issue is huge but im also upset about the cost of the catering truck rising to 50 to call it back. It made the tournement cost me a lot more than usual and it drained my cafe cash. Obviously they are trying to get more money from us but i refuse to spend actual money when the game is functioning this badly. I usually spend a decent amount but not anymore.

  • bob jones

    Helping hands update made it impossible for some of our team members to complete tournament tasks. The tournaments are the main reason i play so please change it back so I don't need to stop playing


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