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  • Chia Cafe

    I got to know about this update! And just hate it!! Everyone is rating this app 1 star , I did it long back when they increased prices and dishes, reduced drops and magic sauce!!

    God know what's up with these developers! Just horrible. Wish the game was as it was a year back when I started playing :(

  • Rachael

    Because the cool-down period increased to 4 hours.

  • David Nogueira

    Wth 2 hours?? Why to be pay2win?

  • Patty

    The developers stink!   Never going to pay for another item!   Bunch of losers!!   The Facebook cafeland was 100% better!   ,




  • Lisa

    This is a ridiculous change, you owe us a reason why as challenges hinge on this , not to mention I paid money for the special cashier,  Change it back before we all lose our players! 

  • Shari Melbourne

    New updates are horrible. Developers are making this game completely unplayable. Please change the game back!

  • Mary Hougaard

    So was it always 250? I thought it was 500 on middle of truck. Your earn nothin if we don't finish, it cost 3 magic or 75 gc to call truck early or wait 2 to 4 hrs. Why oh why.

    oh Cafe land Cafe land
    Why have you gone mad
    Making changes here and there
    Making things just bad
    Ohhhhh Cafe land Cafe land
    Naughty list for you
    Nothing for you on the stove but black coal in your stew!!


    All the changes make me feel sick , less green bill even we earned the special items n thrown lots of parties , lesser magic sauce , now the longer waiting time for catering truck , the game Support team trying to push the gamers away from the game

  • Rachael

    For the past 14 months I have been playing, it was always 250. 

  • liza c

    Not happy with the new updates....

  • Thais Souza

    Olá! jogo esse jogo a muitos anos e esta é minha primeira vez vindo aqui dar a minha opinião. É uma maravilha de jogo e eu adoro, mas essas últimas atualizações veio bastante exigentes, por exemplo, (a quantidade de vales exigidos pra recarregar as máquinas). Por favor se tiver um jeito de nos ajudar ficaremos contentes. Desde já obrigada.


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