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How do Cashiers work?



  • Rey Anthony Bontia

    After buying the Premium Cashier which costs 700 bucks in the Cashier Character and using it i thought that the Catering Cooldown Order would be 2 hours instead of 4 hours but after finishing the Cater the Cooldown remains 4 hours and I am using the Premium Cashier ((Shortens the cooldown between catering orders 50%) Please do fix

  • Ezralyyn

    I use it too, cooldown shorten from 4hrs to 2hrs. But it only worked the next day after i changed the cashier worker. So i never change the cashier after that (i usually likes to change cashier because of the appearance hehe).

    But yh if yours not changed, that might be glitch and cl need to fix it.

  • noemi plaza

    How do cashiers differ from each other? What cashier can you recommend to buy?


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