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How can I cancel a purchase and get a refund?



  • Fran

    If you would please, how do I send gifts to people who are Not on my friends list? I've been unable to find any answer on this.

    Also I have a suggestion;  =]

    I think it'd be great, (really fantastic even) if you'd allow people to "like" someone's Cafe (as is with most games of this genre...). I think it'd make the game a bit more entertaining and give people incentive to make their Cafe even better!!
    Thanks for your consideration.

    Have a great day !

  • Pippen_The_ Great!

    I haved purchased your product and it credited on my bank account but i didnt get the 250 in game that i had purchased. Is this game a scam or something? Pls help. Dont do this.

  • Annabeth Asilom

    Hello chef! Can i ask a favor? I hope u will create a premium booster for popping bubbles during party times. Pls it's badly needed. Hope u will notice my concern. Ty


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