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I was rewarded sauces but they were not added to my game. What happened?



  • Mery Vasconcelos

    That's not a reasonable answer, some players are still adding more than 75 sauces, another ones added then lost it, and other ones are suspicious hackers...
    You should put back the game how it was or you're going to lose players!!!
    The ones who are playing in the right way, aren't satisfied with it
    Make a fair way to play!

  • Loreen Kalinowski

    Why did you change the sauce thing? I know a lot of unhappy players because of the change on the sauces.  It makes no sense at all to have gifts and prizes that you may not be able to collect. And it’s very time consuming to keep track of all your sauce counts - you either need to keep a paper and pen handy to keep track or be a math genius who can keep the number is your head.  Please either change it back the way it was or give different USEFUL items for gifts and prizes.

  • THE Bitch

    I totally agree, Not an answer at all!!!! We could always get over 75 on the 1 or 8 hour sauces. What is the use of visiting and collecting if you are not going to receive the rewards. You do an update and guess you left that part out of the what you are changing in the update. This is all bs..I dont just use my sauces so I can collect more. I use mine to do challenages and cook longer dishes on the truck. The way I see it, no sence visiting or collecting anything since we cant have what we are to get. 

  • Susan Robson8

    yes i agree it needs to be fixed it is unreasonable to expect players to loose gifts and rewards allocated to them suddenly just because of an update,  one task in the catering challenge is to use 45 plus sauces so in preparation for this i build up my stock and you also need them for the catering challenges so i hope they read all these comments and get it sorted soon!!!!

  • crysta marie

    Please change it back. I always collected the sauces over 75. We always used sauces and it's hard to collect them all specially magic sauces. As we used them for the challenge. Please don't make the game hard to play, we have a hardest life and we try to play cafeland to relieve our daily stress. It must be fun, and enjoyable.

  • Karen surles

    This is ridiculous!! We do all the hard work and do not get the rewards!! I am about ready to stop playing!! You guys have changed to much and not for the good!! Like now you can’t get rewards if you have the limit, you can’t pay your way out of the quest, been stuck on 1 for months and months!!

  • Pippen_The_ Great!

    I haved purchased your product and it credited on my bank account but i didnt get the 250 in game that i had purchased. Is this game a scam or something? Pls help. Dont do this.

  • Chia Cafe

    send screenshots to the team ! go to settings in the game and tap n create ticket...write there and attach screenshots of proofs that you made payement and you didnt recieve the product. It should be faster that way!


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